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  • SSD Drives

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  • Windows NTFS and FAT filesystems
  • Apple Mac HFS
  • Linux Ext3 & 4

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Hard Drives

Hard Drives can fail in a number of ways the magnetic surface degrades, the attached electronics can fail , the drives firmware can be become corrupt or the read/write head components can fail. It does not matter what the problem is we can repair it and get you data back. We can work on any hard drive from Western Digital, Seagate , Hitachi , Fujitsu etc

NAS Devices

NAS or Network Attached Storage devices are backup devices usually in RAID 1 configuration , ie 2 drives mirrored.They are mostly powered by a small, CPU and use  Linux. These devices are cheap and designed for backup but I often find businesses using them as their primary storage device which is not recomended. However should they fail it is usually a trivial task to get the data back.

RAID Systems

RAID systems are an array of hard drives in one of the following configurations

Raid Learn More

  • RAID 0 – is used mainly to increase system performance as compared to a single disk. RAID 0 recovery is relatively simple however if one of the disks is unreadable data recovery is awkward.
  • RAID 1 are mirrored drives  to enable redundancy and is easy to recover . RAID 0+1, same as RAID 1+0 is based on mirroring and striping techniques. Such arrays will survive a single disk failure and can survive multiple disk failures .
  • RAID 5 – sometimes called stripe set with parity – RAID 5 recovery is more complicated than for RAID 0, but the data can still be recovered if one of the disks had failed.
  • RAID 6 . RAID 6 recovery is very complex.

Failure can occur via one of the drives or the RAID controller and we have recovered data from all RAID types.  This requires the use of specialised software such as

  • DiskInternals – DiskInternals Raid Recovery
  • Runtime – Runtime RAID Reconstructor
  • ReclaiMe RAID – ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery build 301
  • R-Studio – R-Studio

Lost or Deleted Files

Having worked with Windows , Apple and Linux machines for over 30 years we have an intimate knowledge of their individual file systems and while it appears your files have vanished there are usually very simple reasons why this might have happened

Recovery of lost photos , word documents etc is usually simple but we are expert in the recovery of less common files used in , more specialised software.

Camera Cards

Most cameras and devices that use the following cards;

  • SD Cards
  • Micro SD
  • Compact Flash

use a very simple file system call FAT. It’s simplicity is also it’s weakness and frequently important structures such as the directory structure or allocation table become corrupt. Recovery in most cases is not complicated.

USB and Portable Drives

Quite often people use a USB drive as their primary data storage device , it cannot be emphasized enough this is a bad idea and should be used as a transport tool.

The link describes an example of recovery from a USB drive.


uite often the approach to recovery is to think outside the box as time is always a factor. An honours student came to me in desparate trouble because she had used her flash drive , which she transported to and from uni, as her primary storage. I cannot emphasise enough that USB drives are a tranpsort option not a backup option. Because of time limitations it was not possible to send the Flash drive of for repait it was however possible to examine the Laptop she had used to write most of the Honours thesis. Although she had opened and closed the file on the USB drive , Microsoft Word write a backup copy to a tempoarary location while the file is in use. The file is deleted when Word is closed, Using recovery tools it was possible to recover all possible Word Documents on the laptop and the save them to a different drive. Then using document indexing tools we were able to recognise the word fragment and recover the bulk of her latest edit.

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