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Hi we are a specialist data recovery shop operating in the Perth area for the last 10 years. We can get your data back quickly , efficiently and at reasonable prices.
Data Recovery is never convenient your failed device or drive always fails just when you need it. The data loss is invariably crucial to your life and or business and in some cases the loss of data can mean the failure of your livelihood and all the things that depend upon that. I have seen this many times and but it is important to remember the chances of Data Recovery are high .

How We Can Help

Hard Drive Data Recovery Perth

Hard Drive - Data Recovery

Hard Drive failure is very common especially when you drop hard drives however there is still very good chance we can get your data back. Drives need to be opened up and worked on in a Cleanroom environment.

RAID Data Recovery Perth

Raid Drive - Data Recovery

are typically found in servers and are implemented by using a dedicated RAID controller card or the in-built functionality contained on modern server motherboards and allow for data to span multiple drives

NAS Systems - Data Recovery

are typically used as backup systems for smaller enterprises and the RAID is implemented in software via the Linux operating system which is slower that dedicated RAID controllers. It should be noted that NAS raid devices should be used as a backup device and not as a primary storage option.

Portable Hard Drives

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data recovery usb drive

USB and Camera - Data Recovery

Camera Cards such as SD, SD-Micro cards rarely physically fail but cameras and other devices eg sound recorders then to use the FAT file system which is easily corrupted.

Recover Deleted Files - Data Recovery

While files can become lost or accidentally deleted it is often a mystery to users how whole partitions on hard drives can go missing or be informed they need reformatting.

There are some crucial areas on the hard drive that define the layout of volumes and the location of files which will have become corrupted either by power outages or damage due to the drives surface.

Raw Recoveries

Raw Recovery of files is a technique used when the file system of a Windows , MAC or Linux machine have become corrupt beyond repair.

Email , Office and document - Data Recovery

We can repair and recover your lost emails your corrupted documents , spreadsheets , MYOB files.

About Us

There are many companies that advertise they perform Data Recovery however very few have the requisite skills. I know this as I have had clients shop around until they can see that person has the equipment and skills required. This means They will need specialized hard drive diagnostic equipment I use Dolphin Data Labs tools. They will need soldering equipment and a hot airflow rework station. They will need specialised recovery software such as R-Studio.

Many companies charge to quote and while I fully understand why they do this we don not charge.

We only charge if your data is successfully recovered. This is true even if we have to attempt swapping heads on the problem drive.


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Data Recovery Perth

Some of our Success Stories

Data Recovery – File Systems FAT32

File Systems File systems describe the records and indexes that an Operating System (Windows , Linux) use to retrieve and store data on the hard drive. Before we talk about the simplest filesystem FAT it is important to note all windows based hard drives contain 2...

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Data Recovery – The System Area

OK we have got our hard drive with all it's parts working properly what else can go wrong? Well as explained previously the data is contained on the magnetic surface of the drive and this surface can fail. In addition the data written to it can be corrupted and this...

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Data Recovery – What is it?

A frequent response I receive from customers when I try explain the Data Recovery process is "I don't care about the Hard Drive I just want the data back".  Unfortunately much of the time the reason for the data loss is damage to the hard drive and that the only way...

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