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Today we are going to talk about  some of the most common problems faced with SQL databases and methods to fix data recovery problems with SQL . We will use Kernel SQL Database Recovery tool, specifically designed for data recovery with  SQL databases.

There has been an increased demand for data recovery from relational databases world wide.. And once  SQL databases gets corrupt, they awkward to repair  manually as it requires a high level of expertise .  SQL Data Recovery software is the best solution when sql databases become corrupt.

Common SQL Database Problems

the most common reasons for the need of data recovery with SQL databases:

  • Latency issues
    An SQL Server may have multiple data caches, which can result in higher than normal latency across the disk. If other factors such as high usage and inadequate memory are apparent. This can cause data database corruption.
  • Dropouts
    While using SQL Server, if your software does not connect to the database within a specified time the SQL command will not run. The command will be aborted, and an error will appear on the server.



SQL Database Corruption

There are multiple reasons behind SQL database corruption; some of the common reasons behind the corruption are:

  1. Most errors happen due to hardware failure
  2. SQL Server upgrades.
  3. Network dropouts.
  4. Unexpected Server shutdown while SQL Server is operating
  5. While storing the SQL databases in compressed folders




Kernel for SQL Database Recovery – Data Recovery

There are three phases when performing data recovery on SQL databases. Kernel for SQL Data Recovery actively scans the corrupt SQL databases and repairs them quickly. Kernel for SQL Data Recovery is capable of recovering all database objects, including triggers, functions, tables, rules, deleted records, etc. Kernel for SQL Data Recovery offers a smooth recovery of large-sized MDF/NDF files  with high accuracy.

Key features of Kernel SQL Database Recovery tool are:

  • Fix Corruption Errors in SQL Databases The tool can  repair corrupt MS SQL databases that are paused due to corruption problems in MDF/NDF files due to hard drive errors, virus corruption, media contamination, etc. Kernel for SQL Data Recovery quickly fixes the file errors and restores the database files.
  • View recovered Database Objects
    The preview functionality of the tool gives a perfect idea of what the recovered database will look like. You can choose any table to view its components and verify the data authenticity.
  • Two modes of Scanning
    The tool offers two scanning modes to scan the corrupt SQL Database files – Standard Scan and Advanced Scan. The former scanning mode is helpful in the quick processing of databases, while the latter is used when you receive an “Out of memory” message.
  • Allows restoration of Deleted Records
    If you have been looking for a tool to restore deleted records, you can end your search here. The tool gives you the option to include the deleted records while starting the recovery.
  • Restores Data Integrity
    The tool is integrated with advanced settings that allow you to retain the integrity of the restored objects even after completely recovering the SQL databases. In addition, the tool provides you with the restored data in the same format as it was earlier.


  • Selects SQL db versions
    The tool is designed with smart algorithms that give you the capability to detect and select the SQL database versions automatically. However, you can also select the database versions manually.
  • Offers Two Authentication Methods
    Kernel for SQL Data Recovery gives you two authentication methods to save the recovered database – Windows Authentication and Server Authentication. You can select any authentication method to save your databases.




Using Kernel for SQL Database Recovery Tool

Data Recovery using Kernel for SQL Data Recovery has a streamlined data recovery process which is simple to use. The tool follows a three-step process that allows you to select, preview, and save the corrupt databases.

  1. Select
    In the first step, select the corrupt SQL databases you want to repair and restore with the specified SQL database version.
  2. Preview
    In the second step, the software displays all the SQL database objects while enabling you to preview each object clearly before recovering it.
  3. Save
    In the final step, select the database objects you want to save and choose the specified location to save the restored objects.

Compatibility and Support

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery is compatible with almost every Windows operating system and Windows Server, including Server 2012, 2008, 2003, and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

The tool is easy to use and operates with MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, R2, 2008 Express, and other mixed formats. Besides, the tool requires only 50MB of disk space with 128 MB memory.