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I just wanted to show to you how we go about diagnosing hard drives so that we can understand what repairs need to be performed on the drive.  The process of Data Recovery is in fact  the repair of the failed WD My Passport  drive so that data can be recovered.

WD My Passport  hard drives are a popular make of drive and we have successfully recovered data from these drives over the years.  Because these drives have a USB connection  on the electronics of the WD My Passport they can give the appearance that they are working it is just that they are not being detected properly.

My Passport Data Recovery
wd data recovery

When diagnosing WD drives one of the first tools I go to is WD Marvell.  In the picture below the WD Marvell app shows that no hard drive is detected over the USB connection indicating that there is a problem with the drive 

WD Marvel data recovery  software

Although the WD MY Passport remains undetected on the USB connection we can still connect to the MY Passport as these drives also have a serial interface.

The picture below is of a USB to Serial Converter so that the WD Marvell program can communicate with the WD My Passport.

data recovery using serial interface of wd hard drive

We can now see in the picture the WD MARVELL program has  recognised our  WD My Passport and has extracted the model number in this case a WD10JMVW-11S5XS0.

data recovery  using WD Marvel software

The WD Marvell program also us allows to extract the ROM Bios from the original electronics which is vital if we are to diagnose the WD My Passport.  It is always a good idea to examine the extracted ROM to ensure it is a valid copy.

Our extracted ROM can now be viewed MY Passport ROM

WD Marvell Data Recovery Software

We needed to do the above steps because the diagnostic tools I use  require communicating with the  drive over a SATA interface. see picture right

Now that we have the ROM we need to flash that ROM onto a sata equivalent PCB . By sata equivalent  the sata board must the same Main MCU chip and  the same Motor Controller. 

pcb used in data recovery
dolphin data labs data recovery from wd hard drive

We have now attached a sata PCB to our WD My Passport and flashed the original WD My Passprot ROM and we can see the drive is correctly recognized.

Unfortunately in this particular case the My Passport has a damaged  read / write head and our best option is to replace the head assembly.

Dolphin Data Labs Data Recovery Software