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Macbook Data Recovery

macbook data recovery

Apple-Mac->Macbook Data Recovery

Macbook Storage Types

Macbook & Macbook Pros Non- Retina  2012 & earlier

have spinning hard drives so the procedure is the same as hard drive data recovery.

SSD Drives (2012 – 2018)

The ssd drives in Macbooks , Macbook Pros and Macbook Air laptops varied, see pic below.

macbook data recovery

SSD drives (Post 2018)

There is no longer an embedded SSD drive, but rather a monolithic SIP NAND drive which integrates the controller, DDR cache, and NAND into a single package. It operates through the same PCI-E interface and essentially stems from the iPhone/iPad architecture.

In general the SSD’s on later macbook computers  have the solid state drive soldered onto the motherboard so that data recovery requires repair of the macnook logic board .

Here at Data Recovery Perth we are familiar with all of the storage technologies used in macbook computers and can recover your data quickly and efficiently.



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