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Raw Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery->Raw Data Recovery

A partition is a section of a hard drive that is used for storing data. It is possible to divide a hard drive into multiple partitions to organize data efficiently. When creating a partition, you can choose from different file systems, such as NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc. In Windows, the default file system for hard drives is NTFS, while for removable disks, it is FAT.

When a drive is in a RAW state, the operating system cannot recognize its file system. This condition occurs when the file system is either corrupt, damaged, or missing. As a result, the data on the partition becomes inaccessible, and regular file operations cannot be performed. When you try to open the partition, it triggers error messages. In Disk Management, the drive’s status will appear as RAW, unallocated, or uninitialized.

Hard Drive PCB used in Data Recovery

Recover Data

With the file system damaged and not recognisable by the Operating System it is still possible to recover data. Using specialised tools it’s still possible the file system may be restored.

If not we can scan the drive sector by sector and look for file signatures which enable the retrieval of word documents , pictures, camera files and many other types of files.



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