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Bad Sectors

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In a hard drive, data is stored on spinning discs known as platters, which are coated with magnetic material. Each platter is divided into circular tracks, which are then divided into sector segments. A sector is the smallest unit of physical storage space on the hard drive — older hard drives store 512 bytes in each sector, while newer drives may use the Advanced Format (AF) to store 4 kilobytes of data. Read / Write  heads float over the platters, reading and writing magnetic charges on the sectors. Over time sectors can become unreliable and  the system identifies them as permanently damaged, it becomes a “bad sector.”  If the no of bad sectorsc grows some files and even the OS filesystem may become unreadable


Even a new hard drive will  have some unusable sectors.. At some point, bad sectors can become a serious data integrity issue. Errors in software and operating systems It is possible that the hard drive will not be able to correct an error if software fails unexpectedly (for example, your computer loses power).

Data Recovery
data recovery
  • Read/ Write  heads can fall out of alignment which  can cause permanent data loss, because the heads physically remove the magnetic material from the discs. A head crash occurs when the heads come into physical contact with the platters. After a head failure, this hard drive sustained severe platter damage: Damage to the platters of a hard drive If your hard drive makes unusual noises or shows any other signs of physical failure, turn it off immediately and contact a qualified data recovery company. Without firmware, your hard drive would not be able to interface with your computer – or correct the predictable errors that occur during operation. A variety of factors can lead to firmware problems, including power surges and unexpected power outages. Hard drive electronics contain drive-specific information, so treating firmware damage requires specialized tools since the hard drive might incorrectly identify certain sectors as “bad.” Overheating, malware infection, or contamination from airborne particles can also cause bad sectors.

Remove Bad Sectors

With our specialised tools it is possible to to clone the drive and remove the bad sectors

 Cloning a disk stops  any further degradation or loss of data and in  in addition our specialized cloning techniques can recover sectors that operating systems cannot thus improving are chances of data recovery



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