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An NAS server, also referred to as a file server, is a file-dedicated server that is hardware-connected to a network. It ensures that authorized employees have uninterrupted access to data. The Synology NAS server is specifically designed to handle scattered files and folders and is dedicated to this purpose.


Both homes and businesses can utilize Synology NAS servers for accessing and sharing crucial documents and presentations. It also provides backup, remote access, and web server software.


However, like any other storage device, Synology NAS Server is susceptible to failure and breakdown. There are several reasons for Synology NAS failure that can result in losing access to critical data. But don’t worry! In this article, we list some authentic ways to recover data from Synology NAS drives. Understanding the NAS concept and its underlying causes can help you recover your data more effectively.


Synology offers several NAS models, but only a few have become popular, such as the DiskStation DS220+ and the DiskStation DS1621+. DS1621+ is a 6-bay NAS that supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, SHR, and basic RAID. On the other hand, DiskStation DS220+ is the 2-bay base NAS model that runs on DSM (DiskStation Manager) OS, a browser-based operating system, and supports RAID 0, 1, and SHR.


Common Synology NAS failures include multiple RAID drives have failed, resulting in data redundancy loss and potential data loss. Additionally, an error in the server registry configuration is causing further complications in the system’s operation. The controller is malfunctioning, creating difficulties in functioning as intended. Furthermore, there has been accidental deletion of data. The firmware is corrupt, adding more obstacles to restoring proper functionality. Lastly, improper shutdowns have occurred, which can cause additional damage and data loss if not promptly addressed. Overall, these issues are significantly affecting the system’s performance and reliability.

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