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Imac Data Recovery

Imac Data Recovery

Apple-Mac->Imac Data Recovery

Imac Storage Types

Hard drives (Pre 2012)

Imacs pre 2012 use normal spinning hard drives so that data recovery follows the normal procedures for hard drive data recovery.

Apple’s Fusion Drive (2012 – 2020)

SSDs and hard drives are logically combined into one block device managed by the operating system, which is independent of file systems and requires no application changes.It hides  latencies and boosts write performance by using SSD space as a write-back buffer.

SSDs store data that is frequently accessed, while HDDs store larger, less frequently accessed data.As a result of access patterns, data is usually moved to the SSD by the program controlling the Fusion Drive if it has been on the HDD and suddenly becomes frequently accessed. Data is written during idle periods to achieve data processing performance for users.

Fusion drives present a unique problem as the paired SSD and HDD cannot be separated.


SSD drives (Post 2020)

In general the SSD’s on later Imacs have the solid state drive soldered onto the motherboard so that data recovery requires repair of the Imac logic board .

Here at Data Recovery Perth we are familiar with all of the storage technologies used in Imac computers and can recover your data quickly and efficiently.



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