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Data recovery from hard drives , NAS drives, RAID drives, USB drives , deleted files for Apple Mac , Linux and Windows in Perth.

Data Recovery is never convenient your failed device or drive always fails just when you need it. The data loss is invariably crucial to your life and or business and in some cases the loss of data can mean the failure of your livelihood and all the things that depend upon that. I have seen this many times and but it is important to remember the chances of Data Recovery are high .

Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Data Recovery Perth

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive failure is very common especially when you drop hard drives however there is still very good chance we can get your data back. Drives need to be opened up and worked on in a Cleanroom environment.

RAID Drive Data Recovery Perth

RAID Data Recovery

RAID’s are typically found in servers and are implemented by using a dedicated RAID controller card or the in-built functionality contained on modern server motherboards and allow for data to span multiple drives.

Portable Drive Data Recovery Perth

Portable Drive Data Recovery

These devices are just thin 2.5 inch hard drives within a plastic enclosure and while they are portable the construction of the plastic enclosures are usually flimsy and do not protect the enclosed hard drive from damage if dropped.   Furthermore the construction  of modern 2.5 inch spinning hard drives are also flimsy and require care when transporting  them.

NAS drive Data Recovery Perth

NAS Drive Data Recovery

NAS devices are typically used as backup systems for smaller enterprises and the RAID is implemented in software via the Linux operating system which is slower that dedicated RAID controllers. It should be noted that NAS raid devices should be used as a backup device and not as a primary storage option.

SD Card Data Recovery Perth

Camera SD Card Recovery

Camera Cards such as SD, SD-Micro cards rarely physically fail but cameras and other devices eg sound recorders then to use the FAT file system which is easily corrupted.

Deleted File Recovery Perth

Deleted File Recovery

It is not uncommon for files and hard drives to be lost and hard drives become unbootable. This happens when important data structures on the drive become corrupt eg with NTFS the master file table,  When this happens your data is still there and recoverable.

Raw Data Recovery Perth

Raw Recovery

Raw Recovery of files is a technique used when the file system of a Windows , MAC or Linux filesystems have become corrupt beyond repair. This technique scans the drive from beginning to end and looks for signatures of common files such as pictures, documents etc.

This technique may not recovery large files that have grown over time.

Document Recovery Perth


We can repair and recover your lost emails your corrupted documents , spreadsheets , MYOB files.

hard drive repairs

Hard Drive Repairs

Data Recovery is all about hard drive repairs. When we quote on a job how the drive has failed determines the cost.

Types of repairs we perform are read/write head replacement.  Repair / Replace failing electronics.


  • Data Error Reading Drive [C] – ,
  •  Hard Disk Drive Failure -,
  •  Inaccessible Boot Volume –
  • I/O Error –
  • Missing operating system –
  • Primary Hard Disk Failure –
  • Directory not found –
  • Drive not installed –
  • Internal file system error –
  • No such volume –
  • Invalid Boot Volume
  • Missing Boot Device

Once your computer has given a message re your hard drive it is important that you act upon it. Don’t assume that because you can still use your computer that it has somehow corrected itself.


There are many different reasons that your device may have stopped responding, and in most cases , we will  retrieve   your data with our specialised equipment and over 20 years of data recovery expertise.

It is important to note that there is a very good chance that your data can be recovered even if your hard drive has failed. There are many  reasons that your hard drive  may have stopped responding. Problems such as  filesystem corruptions , typically due to system freezes, power failures, and hard drive reformats there is also a strong likelihood your data is still physically on the drive.

While the industry uses the term Data Recovery what we do is in fact is perform hard drive repairs ,repairs on   RAID system or storage medium so that we can retrieve the data from the failing or failed device.  Often the drive will on inspection present with a particular set of symptoms that indicate a certain failure for example firmware corruption whereas on closer inspection there is often an underlying physical cause. That is why the process of examining the drive to quote for the cost of data recovery is essential.


Once you are aware there  is a problem with your hard drive you should get  professional help immediately . The more you try to fix the device the greater the chance you are causing more damage and this is especially true if you try and open up your hard drive as this can make data recovery impossible.   The best thing you can do is resist the urge to play with the drive and call Data Recovery Perth straight away.

Using our specialized data recovery tools  we will  diagnose the problem. Once we know what the problem is, we will send you a quote. This will give you an exact cost for recovering the contents of your storage device.  As previously mentioned  data recovery is actually the process of repairing the drive and then retrieving the data. How the device has failed will determine the cost of recovery.


Similarly it is important when recovering data due to accidental file deletion or reformats that the person recovering data has a deep understanding of the file systems that are used on storage devices. Knowledge of  fat32  as well as HFS on  Mac , NTFS on Windows and EXT4 Linux systems. We at Data Recovery Perth  do know the differing  file systems that exist and how they work  but you should check that is the case with your data recovery provider.


 The knowledge required to recover data from different hard drive types such as Western Digital, Seagate , Toshiba etc can change from drive make and model and you should ensure that the person recovering your data understands this. At Data Recovery Perth we are familiar with all drive makes and models.


Logical Data Recovery

where the problem is due to the accidental deletion of files or reformatting a drive.  Cost is $200 to $300.

Failed Electronics

if the printed circuit board on the drive has failed it will cost $300 to replace it.

Cloning drive with Bad Sectors
the cloning of the drive and removal of bad sectors is typically $400.
Cloning a drive with failing Heads
this can be a slow process and requires specialised equipment  and the cost is $600 to $800.
Fixing a drive with firmware errors

If your drive displays errors such as zero size or the drive is suddenly encrypted this indicates a firmware error and  typical cost is $600. Firmware repairs requires a deep understanding of the software onboard the drive and requires specialised tools for the different makes and model of drives

Replacing failed read/write heads

1000 to 1500

 In each of the above instances your quote will include the cost of a new hard drive.We do not charge for the diagnosis of your hard drive and our quotation comes with no obligation to proceed.  Once you approve the quotation we will start work. You can either provide us with a fresh USB hard drive, and we can copy the data for you, or we can provide the hard drive at an additional cost.If recovering of data is impossible, we will let you know, and let you know why. We can offer high quality backup tools to prevent future losses.

About Us

There are many companies that advertise they perform Data Recovery however very few have the requisite skills. I know this as I have had clients shop around until they can see that person has the equipment and skills required. This means They will need specialized hard drive diagnostic equipment I use Dolphin Data Labs tools. They will need soldering equipment and a hot airflow rework station. They will need specialised recovery software such as R-Studio.

Many companies charge to quote and while I fully understand why they do this we don not charge.

We only charge if your data is successfully recovered. This is true even if we have to attempt swapping heads on the problem drive.



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Data Recovery Perth

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