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RAID and NAS Data Recovery

Dedicated Raid systems

are typically found in servers and are implemented by using a dedicated RAID controller card or the in-built functionality contained on modern server motherboards and allow for data to span multiple drives as can be seen with image right

Raid Drive Data Recovery

NAS systems

are typically used as backup systems for smaller enterprises and the RAID is implemented in software via the Linux operating system which is slower that dedicated RAID controllers.
It should be noted that NAS raid devices should be used as a backup device and not as a primary storage option.

NAS drive data recovery

RAID levels

RAID 0 – is used mainly to increase system performance as compared to a single disk. RAID 0 recovery is relatively simple however if one of the disks is unreadable data recovery is awkward.

RAID 1 –  are mirrored drives  to enable redundancy and is easy to recover .

RAID 0+1 , same as RAID 1+0 is based on mirroring and striping techniques. . Such arrays will survive a single disk failure and can survive multiple disk failures .

RAID 5 – sometimes called stripe set with parity – RAID 5 recovery is more complicated than for RAID 0, but the data can still be recovered if one of the disks had failed.

RAID 6  . RAID 6 recovery is very complex.

We use a variety of software tools to recover data from damaged RAID’s.
DiskInternals – DiskInternals Raid Recovery
Runtime – Runtime RAID Reconstructor
ReclaiMe RAID – ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery build 301
R-Studio – R-Studio
ZAR – Zero Assumption Recovery version 8.5


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